Older Adults


Poor Sleep is not an inevitable course of aging. We can help!

Sleep changes as normal course of aging, both in terms of decreased quantity and quality.

More than ½ of Adults 65+ have at least one chronic sleep complaint, the most common being an inability to sustain sleep at night.

Weakened circadian regulation is a major contributing factor to poor sleep quality and accelerated aging: Buying Time.

We’ll measure your sleep performance, identify weaknesses, and build a sleep science based training program to promote stronger circadian regulation and make you an elite sleeper.

Let’s work together.



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We translate current circadian rhythms and sleep science for older adults.
Our comprehensive training provides older adults everything they need to know about circadian rhythms and sleep to promote stronger circadian regulation and become an elite sleeper.



Are you looking for something more customized with ongoing support? Decreased sleep duration and consolidation is a normal course of aging, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ll work together using circadian rhythms and sleep science with the latest technology to create a sleep health program for you.